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About Us

"A toolbox of custom traffic beds tailored for all formats – you can’t go wrong."

David Konsky, Network Production Manager, SCA Australia.


"If you're not using Traffic Jams, why the hell aren't you??"

Guy Dobson, Radio Legend, former CEO SCA

“Well-crafted tunes you won’t hear anywhere else, perfect for a quick and easy facelift in your brekky news”.

Matt "Blacko" Nikolic, "LiSTNR"

"A true source of inspiration and creativity."

Andreas Sannemann, Founder and Director, Benztown

"A unique ability to translate your needs into a soundscape that just cuts through the clutter".

Steve Speziale, former Group News Director, Southern Cross Austereo

"An insane resource when you’re on the hunt for fresh News
& Traffic Themes."

Matt Dower aka Pots n Pans

“When I’m stuck for something fresh, Traffic Jams always come up with something original that suits the spot,
or the moment – never disappointed; thanks Traffic Jams!”

Michael Spooner, Promo Producer , 702 ABC Sydney/ABC NSW


Traffic Jams supply original traffic-targeted themes, so you can keep your media fresh and give your traffic reports some unique energy.

Watermarks are embedded in the downloaded file to display artist, title and other track detail(s). You can right-click on your saved file to show this information by selecting 'Properties.'

While these themes are free to download,  you do need to report their use on your periodical return, via whatever performance program exists in your region (i.e. APRA, MCPS, PRS, SACEM, GEMA, SIAE, IMRO, SGAE, ASCAP, BMI etc)

If you need help identifying the program in your area, please contact us:

[email protected]



How do I download the high resolution track?

You must log in to open up the track download link on each track, which will provide a 320k file. If you're in a rush and want to record the low resolution stream (128kbps) that's fine, but you must take note of file details for reporting its usage. We watermark the tracks to keep things in check.

How many times do I need to report the useage?

If your station reports traffic during breakfast and drive, and casually over day-parts and weekends, then the track would accrue around 100 plays per week. If you're a Talk format or CHR, where the traffic stop-downs are more frequent, then you'll have considerably more plays per week (PPW).

How do I report the track usage?

Usage details are recorded on your periodical return, just like any music you use for commercials or promos.

Most traffic updates are up to four times an hour in Breakfast, four in Drive. Some stations then do an hourly update across the day, generally to increase spend on their traffic sponsor(s), so think about how many plays per day you need to include.

If you right-click on your downloaded file, all reportable information is included, like track name and artist.

What do I need to include on my report?

All you need to report is Title/Artist/Amount of Plays for the reportable period, along with the 'Track ID' on the track page. All tracks are written by R J Wade.

These tracks are for use only in a broadcast environment. If your friends are broadcast people, then that's ok, but useage outside commercial broadcasting is not allowed.


Compositions contained herein remain the property of Traffic Jams and must not be distributed for any other purpose without express permission.

Integrated sound effects have been licensed strictly for use within these compositions and, as such, may not be used for any other purpose.

All tracks written and produced by R J Wade and hold international copyright.

All rights reserved 2008-2023.

Traffic Jams is a registered Trade Mark.

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