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Traffic Jams is your online solution for broadcast-specific, format-targetted traffic beds, with integrated, beatmixed sfx.

Download radio traffic beds for free!!

No more finding loops of songs to make into beds; we've done all the heavy lifting for you. Audition, download and go!!

Every track is exclusive to Traffic Jams, so our music won't repeat on you during ad breaks. They're unique to us and not available anywhere else.

Register and download for free! Just don't forget to report usage.

Radio, television and online music beds, ready to go.

Note: File information for reporting purposes is embedded in the mp3 download and watermarked for digital use. Downloaded files are not to be re-distributed, re-published or used for any other purpose.

Just like any other material you might use under your broadcast agreement, you must report any theme you use from this site.

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